Sunday, January 29, 2012


the blackness is eating up at me. i'm neck deep and it's rising.

ian is dead. killed him. his eyes are open. he's still smiling. i don't think he could've stopped if he wanted to.

there were three of us. that's how it started.

aggy was the first. she had the book and lost it.

i came second. i found it.

iam came third. he read it.

and the book marked us all.

the book i burned. she'd hidden it in that cooler, and it needed to burn. 

ian was the one who found me after that christmas. his family was gone too, and he was smiling and crying.

he wasn't himself, and i wasn't me. IT was there in our heads, and we were empty. we wandered in these woods. he lead and i followed.

he was the butcher and i was the grave digger, and that was how it was. both of us wanted the other dead, but neither of us wanted to be alone. it was a balance.

and then aggy found her book.

aggy was smart, and she'd spent a good deal of her life running, and learning, and growing strong. her father had been a doctor and she was sure that she would be the one to end IT.

and one day she came wandering into the forest holding the book.

the book i'd found. and i attacked her, but she



there was a syringe,

there were lots of them. so many.

and she said she could fix me. and she killed me. she erased me and put someone else inside. just like IT did. and for so long I was filled with nothing but air.

then IT found me. and IT woke me up.

and she was going to kill me...she was going to let me wake up, wait for the innocent empty person to fade.

and then she would kill me.

but i got there first.

and ian can't kill me, because i got there first.

and IT can't kill me either.

nothing can kill me. 

nothing but water.

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