Friday, July 29, 2011

Bad Dream Last Night

The A/C hasn't been bugging me too much, since I basically have my own fortress of quilts and blankets at this point, so I've been pretty comfortable, but last night, I don't know, I just had this really bad dream.

It was snowing, and I was somewhere I didn't recognize, and there were lots of dead leaves on the ground. I remember that I was trying to keep moving, but I kept tripping and every time I'd get up I'd just keep moving slower and slower. The snow and leaves kept piling up until I was basically swimming through it, and then there was this sort of screamer moment, where everything went black and I felt something wrap around my neck. Then the next thing I knew I was in my bed coughing up a lung.

Maybe it had something to do with my room being so cold, but I don't know why I would dream about getting strangled in the middle of a snow storm.

I went and looked up on this dream interpretation sight. It was like the first thing that came up when I searched 'Dream' on google.

Okay, so dreaming you're being strangled apparently means that you're trying to suppress some feelings inside of you, a Blizzard means you feel emotionally cold and secluded, and then the dead leaves I suppose represent an end of something.

I don't really understand that at all. I mean yeah, I'm a shut in, but I don't feel emotionally cold or repressed. I've actually been feeling pretty awesome as of late. Maybe I'm just reading into it too much, because usually I'm the kind of person who has dreams about giant birds who play accordions, and the only other nightmare I can remember that actually woke me up was one about a cat jumping on me and clawing at my face, and that was back when I was about five years old.

Well I suppose what matters is the fact that it was 3 AM when I woke up, so I am tired! I ended up calling in sick for work today. I would not have lasted the entire day.

Alright, well, despite bad dreams things have been normal. Bast really likes her new home. She likes to roll around on the carpet and take naps there. It's actually been causing a small build up of cat hair, so I should probably break out that vacuum sometime soon.

Until the next time,

- Opal

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I guess it's to be expected...

As interesting as all my previous posts have been, I must draw your attention back to the epic quest of me and the broken A/C.

As you all may recall, when we last left the broken A/C one week ago, a repair man was to be expected to return and repair it of all it's problems. But for some reason that didn't seem to happen today.

The guy showed up and worked on it for a bit, and tried to see if he could clear out whatever was blocking it. He then went up to my room to inspect my vents, and finally this is the excuse he gave me.

"Miss, it seems to me that your air conditioner and your vents are just fine. Maybe your refrigerator has a leak. Have someone else look at that."

What do you mean my refrigerator is leaking? It's like two feet tall! How could that bring my entire apartment down to 55 degrees?

Whatever, I don't have enough cash to keep calling these people over only to have them do nothing. I'll just have to last until winter when we turn the heater on. Shouldn't be too hard since this has been the hottest summer I can remember, I'll just have to spend some more time outside.

There's a park right across the street from me. It sounds like it be a peaceful place to go out and read my book. :)

In other news Bast is being adorable, and work was much better yesterday. I talked to Ian some more, turns out we like a lot of the same things. He's into the same music, and he's pretty well read also. We made plans to hang out this weekend. Should be fun. :)

- Opal

Monday, July 25, 2011

Extra Uber Happy Right Now!!!

Okay, Okay! So I went to the animal shelter with my friend Anne today, and all the animals there were really super cute! (I know I probably sound like a spaz right now, but bare with me people, I seriously like animals.)

Anne ended up adopting this Rottweiler, who was the sweetest dog I have ever met. He was snuggling with her all this afternoon, and was just so happy to have a home. I seriously doubt there has ever been a nicer dog.

Here's a picture I took afterwards, isn't he darling? His name is Luca! :D

But that's not even the reason why I'm so happy right now! 

Because while Anne was signing all the adoption papers I was looking over at the cats. 

Little bit of backstory here, I have always, always, always, been in love with cats. That probably isn't a great thing, because it's a pretty good sign I'm going to grow into one of those crazy old cat ladies years from now. 

But anyway; I've never really had one since my Mom was seriously allergic to them, as was Aggy when I was still rooming with her. But Aggy moved out last year so there's not been a whole lot keeping me from just going out and adopting one, besides my overall sluggishness to do anything that involves effort. However while I was looking at the cats today, I noticed this shy little tabby, who was looking at me with these big green eyes like 'Please Adopt Me.'
To my delight, I also noticed that her name was Bast, which is shortened version of the Egyptian cat goddess, Bastet, who was the daughter of Re the sun god, and granddaughter of Isis and Osiris the king and queen of the after life, (only a mythology geek like me would notice that.) I assume it must have been a kind of sign, sent to me by a greater power. Do I even need to explain the rest at this point?

This is her,

Aghh! She's so cute! I love her so much! 

Anne went to the pet store with me afterwards and helped me buy supplies. I didn't really get anything that great, besides the essentials, but I did get a couple balls with bells inside which she really seemed to like.
She's asleep on my bed right now. ^^

It's nice to have a roommate again, even if it is just a cat. I mean it gets kind of lonely by myself, and it just feels good to know there's somebody else with me. Lately it's been really...I don't know, dreary maybe? 

But Bast is so gentle. She barely meows at all, and she likes to curl up in my lap while I'm typing on my laptop. I don't think there's much else a person could ask for with a pet. 

Alright, it's late. I'm going to turn in.

Although I'm so excited and happy right now, I'm not sure how I'm going to sleep. ^^

I'll post some more stuff soon.

- Opal

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cute Picture

One of my friends at work drew a picture of me doing dishes. He showed it to me yesterday, so I took a picture and uploaded it.

(In case you can't read it, it says; "So what exactly are you drawing over there?' 'Oh Nothing...")

:) I kept pestering him about what he was drawing, so I think it's sort of funny now that I know. Sorry the image quality is really bad, my camera isn't very good, and I had to touch it up a bit on the computer so it was easier to see. As you can probably see in the bottom right corner, the guy's name is Ian. He's pretty nice, but I've never really spent much time with him outside of work, which is too bad since he seems like a pretty swell guy. He told me he likes to doodle in his free time. I think it's really good, but that probably doesn't mean too much seeing as how I can barely draw a straight line. 

In other news, my apartment is finally tidy again! Huzzah! Of course it's not going to be too long before I dirty it up again, but for now it's all clean. Yay!

That's all I really talk about on this blog though, isn't it. Apartment this, A/C that, gosh I must be pretty boring to read about. Of course I'm also a bit of a shut in, so I guess that comes with the territory. 

Oh! Oh! That totally reminds me! Tomorrow I'm going with my friend to the animal shelter. She's been thinking about adopting a dog for a long time, so I'm going to go with her tomorrow and help her pick one out. It'll be awesome! I really love animals.

I'll tell you how it goes.

- Opal

Friday, July 22, 2011

I Hate Karma...

I should've known slacking off for the last couple of days would come back to bite me. Today was real a pain.

To start off I was late to work this morning and my boss was really pissed off. He put me on dish duty for a few hours and had me work over time. (I have a part time job as a waitress, in case I forgot to mention that.)

So after that nightmare, I got back home and of course it was still freezing so I decided I was going to take Aggy's advice and try using candle's to heat it up. Bad Idea, because as it turns out the smoke detectors in my apartment are pretty sensitive, and it set the sprinklers off.

So yeah, I spent the rest of my day air drying all my stuff.

Now my place is a total disaster, and I ended up having to go across the hall and ask for blankets anyway since my bed got soaked.

Jeez, I've been having a bad string of luck lately. Thankfully I don't have anything else to do tonight so I'm just gonna curl up and go to sleep.

Oh, almost forgot. I am happy to say this Blog has a grand total of four readers, and 70 page views. Watch out world wide web, there's a new internet celebrity on the rise. LOL.

Oh man, I must be tired. I just used text language.

Until the next update.

- Opal

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Place is Still Freezing

So today a guy showed up to come fix the A/C. He looked at it for about an hour and told us that he couldn't seem to find any problem with the air conditioner itself, so it probably had to do with the ventilation system. He said what was probably happening was that the air shaft that's supposed to be cooling the downstairs apartments must have got clogged somehow and so all the cold air has been flowing into my room.
He said it must be some serious clogging though since none of the other upstairs rooms are having the same problem, it's just me.
He told us he'd send somebody over next week to check it out. I hope he fixes it soon, it's been really cold at night. I should probably go borrow an extra blanket from the people across from me, but I really don't want to be a bother.

I decided to take a break from cleaning today and just relax instead. I've been reading The Riverside Shakespeare for an hour and have been sitting in my comfy chair. Yep! It's the high life! :)

- Opal

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

End of the Weekend, Start of the Week

Well I met with my friend and had lunch with her on Sunday. I'm sort of wising now though that I didn't go. I mean, it was nice to see her again, but it ended up being really awkward.

She's changed a lot over time, and it just felt really weird. The research stuff we did was pretty odd too. I guess she must be studying psychology or something, since a lot of what it was, was her showing me some blank videos and asking me how I felt about them. I really don't know what she was getting out of it, or better yet why she wanted me to help her, but she seemed pretty serious about it, so to each their own I guess.

She did say she wanted to keep in touch, so we ended up trading emails, and I also ended up telling her about my blog. I guess I don't mind actually having a living person read my blog, since up until now it's sort of just been me talking to myself.

An update from my cleaning. I found a big box of drawings I did in Kindergarten. I went through some of my favorites and uploaded them.

Some butterflies I suppose. My spelling really was terrible back then.

A self portrait maybe?

I am such a pack rat. I still have a few stacks of these drawings to go through and decide which ones should be tossed, and which ones I should keep. This has been a busy week. ^^;

I'll upload some more of these little pictures if there are anymore that spark my interest. 

- Opal

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cold Morning

I woke up this morning to find that my apartment was freezing. At least twenty degrees colder than the rest of my apartment building. I think it has something to do with the A/C only cooling my room, since there are a few people in the building who have been complaining about their rooms being too hot.
Pretty weird huh? I never thought I would have to complain about an apartment being to cold in the middle of summer.

On a different note, my old roommate called me last night. It's been a while since we've talked since she's been doing a lot of traveling lately. She actually wanted me to come have lunch with her, and tell her what I thought about some stuff she was researching. It was really out of the blue, but I guess I'm happy I'm going to be seeing her again. It'll be great to catch up.

In the mean time there's a lot of stuff I have to do this weekend. I have all these old boxes of stuff I've been hoarding for years that I need to go through. Better get to it!

- Opal

Friday, July 15, 2011

New Blog

This is exciting! I've always wanted to do one of these, but I found I never had the time. Granted my life is rarely interesting enough to blog about, but I figured it would be a good way to meet some interesting people online, and possibly enhance my writing skills.

I'm a literature student at the moment, so basically I do a lot of reading and writing. You learn a lot more from it than you think you would. I especially like Homer and a lot of the mythology text I've been reviewing lately. That's actually how I came up with my blogger name. I came across this little Chinese myth about a jade rabbit that lives in the moon and makes medicine for the Chinese moon Goddess, Chang'e. It's also present in a lot of Japanese and Korean culture, and there is a Buddhist myth about the rabbit that may be one of my top favorite myths ever.

The story goes that one night a group of animals came across a man who was starving in the woods, and begging for food. While the rest of the animals go out to gather food for the man, the rabbit realizes that the only thing it can gather is grass, which will not feed the man. So instead he has the man build a fire, and then jumps into the fire, so the man can eat him. However, the rabbit doesn't burn in the fire, for as it turns out the man is actually a god in disguise, and he rescues the rabbit. Touched by the kindness the rabbit has shown him, the man paints the rabbit's image on the moon.

It's such a sweet story. Most Myth's rarely have very happy endings like that, and the overall message is that total generosity is rewarded, which is something I can respect.

Well, I think I've gone on enough for my first post. So I guess I'll end it here.

See ya!

- Opal