Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Opal Jones is dead.

no...no i can't be.

i don't want to die. 

But you are dead.

so dark. can't breathe. who's writing this?

You ran to the ends of the earth, and now you must go farther.


Do what everyone else has done, and end yourself.


They say the world is round.

air conditioner

You and I know better.


The world has an end.


You're standing at the edge Opal Jones.


You're in God's realm.


You're drowning






you and i


don't wnt to die


don't die


you are



i see you

too much water hast thou

i see

poor Ophelia


im tired.

who's writing this?

oh, it's me.


Sunday, January 29, 2012


the blackness is eating up at me. i'm neck deep and it's rising.

ian is dead. killed him. his eyes are open. he's still smiling. i don't think he could've stopped if he wanted to.

there were three of us. that's how it started.

aggy was the first. she had the book and lost it.

i came second. i found it.

iam came third. he read it.

and the book marked us all.

the book i burned. she'd hidden it in that cooler, and it needed to burn. 

ian was the one who found me after that christmas. his family was gone too, and he was smiling and crying.

he wasn't himself, and i wasn't me. IT was there in our heads, and we were empty. we wandered in these woods. he lead and i followed.

he was the butcher and i was the grave digger, and that was how it was. both of us wanted the other dead, but neither of us wanted to be alone. it was a balance.

and then aggy found her book.

aggy was smart, and she'd spent a good deal of her life running, and learning, and growing strong. her father had been a doctor and she was sure that she would be the one to end IT.

and one day she came wandering into the forest holding the book.

the book i'd found. and i attacked her, but she



there was a syringe,

there were lots of them. so many.

and she said she could fix me. and she killed me. she erased me and put someone else inside. just like IT did. and for so long I was filled with nothing but air.

then IT found me. and IT woke me up.

and she was going to kill me...she was going to let me wake up, wait for the innocent empty person to fade.

and then she would kill me.

but i got there first.

and ian can't kill me, because i got there first.

and IT can't kill me either.

nothing can kill me. 

nothing but water.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

I'll kill him first

i can't

so cold

had a dream

there was a pond outside my house. there were lots of fish in it and when you threw something inside they would flop around and the whole surface of the water would just turn into nothing but thrashing fish.

he and i used to go throw things in it a lot. i thought it was fun.

he was one of my only friends, he wasn't very happy. his home was really messed up. sometimes he said things that scared me.

one day he told me he heard that if a person drowned and was saved then that person was going to die by drowning.

i told him i didn't believe that and he said that we could test it, and then he shoved me into the pond

all the fish started freaking out and I was underneath all of them and i couldn't tell if i was sinking or floating or where the surface was and i was flailing and then the water started to look green and then black and i couldn't breathe

and then he pulled me out

and he said that when i died we could see who was right and who was wrong

Monday, January 9, 2012

I'm Losing It All

I get what it was you wanted now Aggy.

You wanted me dead, didn't you? 

You wanted me dead so you wouldn't feel guilty. You wanted to destroy me so that you wouldn't have to look into my eyes and KILL a silly ignorant person. So you wouldn't have to face what you created, and rather get your revenge without consequence.

Well you got what you wanted Aggy, I'm dying. But I got you first, so jokes on you. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Have I died already? I don't think I'm dead yet. I can feel that dark thing moving around in my head, and I can feel it leaking out of me, but it hasn't gotten me yet.

I'm not going to die. I refuse to die.

Not after everything.

Ian is here. He's watching me. I can't leave, and he won't go on his own. 

I can't see him, but I know he's here. I know he and the Monster are both here. 

I wish there was something alive in this forest, but it's nothing but graves and trees and snows. My three least favorite things.

Of course if there was something alive I would probably KILL it.

I can't eat anymore. Everything that goes down just comes up again all black and horrible. 


I'm so scared I disgust myself. 

I'm so petrified of death I can barely breathe, but there isn't enough left to get up and run.

There's too many memories. To many horrific things. 

So much BLOOD.

So much BLOOD on my hands.

Enough to dye the snow red.

Opal Opal Opal Opal Opal

I am Opal.

I wish I was anything but.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Alice and I are in Albany, New York at the moment. Opal isn't with us, but I expect you know that already.
It's been eerily peaceful for the past week or so. No run-ins with Mr. Slendy so far, but I'm probably jinxing myself as we speak.
Anyway, last night Alice and I went to a McDonald's and had french fries while we watched the ball drop on a tiny TV hanging over the restaurant's wall. It wasn't terribly exciting, but people seem to make a big deal about it, anyway.
When I was younger, my mom used to make all of us, even my dad, write 3 goals for the new year. And I we all wished that this time, contrary to previous times, that we really would finish our resolutions. But of course, after January, everyone's new year resolutions were forgotten. There were more important things to deal with, so we put them aside, and hoped to finish them next year. But that never really happened, did it?
Anyway, I would say that my new years resolution would be to stay alive, but with my unfortunate habit of not following through on my resolutions, I would be dead by tomorrow.
But it would be nice to be able to see the ball drop just one more time, however lame and boring it is. It would be nice to write out lists of goals I'll never finish just to make my mom happy. Or perhaps to see her again, just one last time. I would like that.