Saturday, January 14, 2012

I'll kill him first

i can't

so cold

had a dream

there was a pond outside my house. there were lots of fish in it and when you threw something inside they would flop around and the whole surface of the water would just turn into nothing but thrashing fish.

he and i used to go throw things in it a lot. i thought it was fun.

he was one of my only friends, he wasn't very happy. his home was really messed up. sometimes he said things that scared me.

one day he told me he heard that if a person drowned and was saved then that person was going to die by drowning.

i told him i didn't believe that and he said that we could test it, and then he shoved me into the pond

all the fish started freaking out and I was underneath all of them and i couldn't tell if i was sinking or floating or where the surface was and i was flailing and then the water started to look green and then black and i couldn't breathe

and then he pulled me out

and he said that when i died we could see who was right and who was wrong

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  1. Aww, aren't you horribly fucking stable and not at all homicidal.

    But really, bag of mixed nuts, you are.